Friday, December 21, 2012

Wonder of this Season

Wow. It’s December 21st. Where has the time gone? Between moving, making custom orders, traveling, and working I haven’t had time to do anything else. I haven’t even gotten to enjoy the Christmas season! I guess I can’t say that…whenever I drive to town and back I blare my Ultimate Christmas Favorites. That boys choir singing Little Drummer Boy is going to blow my speakers one of these days!

I don’t even know if I’m coming or going anymore. And that’s definitely not how this season is supposed to be spent. I haven’t even watched any of my favorite Christmas movies yet! UNHEARD OF!!! But I promised myself when things slow down, I will. When I get those three purses tooled, 14 cuffs riveted, and bazillion necklaces made…then I can watch The Family Stone. Or The Holiday. And I can’t leave out The Grinch.

It’s very sad to think this is what Christmas has turned into for me. When I was younger I would have my Christmas countdown started in July! Well I’m not going to let all the good tidings pass me by anymore! I’m going to slow down. Finally go out and take that picture of the frosty trees. Curl up in front of the fireplace. And actually wrap my presents instead of tossing them in a bag. Yes I’m going to enjoy this season because I wait all year for it to be here and then when it is, I ignore it.

Thus…I wish you a very slow, chestnut roasting, frosty braches, twinkling lights kind of holiday. Don’t let the wonder of this season rush by.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Little smokies, lawn gnomes...oh yeah! I'm thankful!

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? I did too. We had lots of people at our new house. It was so busy we didn’t even get to do our usual routine of going around the room and saying what we are thankful for. So I’m going to do that right now…you know I love my lists…

1.       I’m thankful for my parents, for putting up with me and letting me live with them in their new house until I get hitched next year.

2.       I’m thankful for whoever invented a deep fat fryer because that turkey was delicious. I’m also thankful for my sister’s culinary skills without which I would’ve never had said delicious turkey. And if I’m going this far, I am thankful for the mama turkey that gave birth to the turkey that melted in my mouth. This is getting out of hand.

3.       I’m thankful for it getting dark at 5:00pm, so when I drive home from work people can’t see me violently thrashing, singing, and making up hand gestures to “Defying Gravity” from the Broadway play Wicked. I should’ve never bought that soundtrack.

4.       I’m thankful for Pinterest. Without it I would never find tons of sayings melded into magical pictures that change my life.


5.       I’m thankful for my Manfriend, my Fi-Fi (short for fiancĂ©…he doesn’t like that nickname very much…), who is always there for me, will always build me something, and will always fry me up some little smokies when the craving comes on.

6.       I am thankful for my overpowering right brain. And my hands. If I couldn’t come up with new ideas or create something every day, I would die. Or I guess I would just be sitting behind a desk. There would be numbers. I would die.

7.       I’m thankful for North Dakota. For it’s landscapes, people, and the lifestyle it inspires. Even though changes are happening, I hold on to the hope that it will prevail!

8.       I am thankful for my sisters. Without them, there wouldn’t be sister trips. I need my sister trips.

9.       Last but not least…I’m thankful for the life I’ve been blessed with and I’m pretty excited for many more awkward and weird years to come.

10.   Shoot one more…I’m also thankful for lawn gnomes. Without them life would be boring and my garden would be bland. And I also would have to find something else to threaten the Manfriend with. (He thinks I’ll be a hoarder. I believe the correct term is COLLECTOR…HELLO.) Okay I’m done now.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Somethin’ about barns.

What is it about barns? When I see them I swoon. You know what happens when little girls see puppies? That’s me with barns. I’m always hanging out the window snapping pictures as we drive by them. I would live in a barn. I would cuddle up to my old mare and sheep and goat and I would be smelly and happy. So happy.

I don’t know how or when my obsession with these buildings started. But things are getting serious. My family knows to slow down or stop when there’s a barn in site. I just can’t get over them. Is it their appealing gambrel or gothic architecture? Is it the memories of chasing wild barn kitties? Or is it the history…of how these buildings helped settlers survive out on this lonesome prairie? I mean, people built their barns before they built their houses.  I think it’s all of the above.
I've been thinking about barns lately, and I want to start this wonderful month off right by sharing some of my pictures I’ve snapped over my travels! Enjoy!

Near Bozeman, MT

Rainbow Trout Ranch, Antonito, CO

Southern CO

Spearfish, SD
My brother and I in front of our barn.

And here are some barns that I will somehow, someday see:

Cute horsey!
Park City
Someday I will have a barn. And there will be parties. And square dancing. I will call it my Homestead Hootenanny.
Found this on Pinterest. One of my top ten favorites. Will hang in my house forever.

Happy November and start to the HOLIDAY SEASON! Hurrah!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Why I Travel

I found this picture during one of my hour long pinterest fixes. Okay, let's get was more than an hour. But I loved the quote and picture and it just fit me so well so I wanted to share it with you. It's my new motto now. This is why I travel.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hello my favorite season!

Hello October! Hello cold weather! Hello BOOTS and SWEATERS and SCARVES! Hello my favorite season…
Siiiiiigh….there was snow on my car this morning. I keep forgetting that I need to start my car and let it warm up. But that frost is a pleasant surprise every dawn. It probably won’t be pleasant anymore later on when it’s 20 below out and my eyeballs are freezing. But for now I will enjoy it.

I’m trying to enjoy everything about this season this year. It just goes so quick! Things kinda slow down and all I want to do is cuddle up and watch movies. And I have been procrastinating for about a month now on EVERYTHING. In the beginning of November I will be having a booth and I can’t seem to make anything! I have tons of ideas but I can’t get myself to work. I mean, come on…there’s TV to watch, hot apple cider to chug, and leaves to crunch.

And now I’m on a list making kick. Maybe making lists makes me feel like I’m actually going to do something that I write on the list. Hmmm…this is getting deep.
Here is a list of everything I’m enjoying/thankful for right now…at least this list isn’t full of things that I need to get done…I’m running out of clean socks…

1.       Pumpkin truffles from the Chubby Chipmunk in Deadwood, SD. You haven’t had anything pumpkin until you’ve tried these!

2.       Making plans with the Manfriend for our future Victorian Farmhouse. EXCITING!

3.       My new phone that I have to handle with two hands at all times because it’s way too big for just one. I found a paint app and I can’t stop…another way to procrastinate…

4.       Listening to the perfect version of my favorite Christmas song over and over and over: “The Little Drummer Boy” by the Harry Simeone Chorale. Click here to listen:

5.       Planning a trip to Norway with my sisters! I knew those Norwegian classes would come in handy!

6.       Wearing huge chunky knitted anything.

7.       Going on Pinterest and drooling over all the Fall recipes and decorating ideas.

8.       Watching my favorite show New Girl with my seesters. It’s on Fox every Tuesday at 8 central time. In case you want to watch the funniest show ever…

9.       My parent’s new house that I will get to live in for a year!

10.   Shopping at Hobby Lobby with my mom for said house. P.S. - If you shop at Hobby you know about the weekly coupon? If you have a smart phone, bring up at the register and click on coupon for 40% off a regularly priced item. Just want to share the savings!

What are you enjoying about this season so far?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Falling for Fall.

Can you believe it’s the end of September already? It seems like just yesterday when I was making my New Year’s resolutions. And now it’s time for me to listen to Christmas music again!!! Hahaha I know you’re thinking it’s a little early for that, but every year like clockwork I get that Christmas itch and I gotta scratch it…preferably with the awesome Christmas station on Pandora. Anyways…back to September…it’s also the start of hunting season! I haven’t seen my little brother for weeks. Usually he’s out hunting til dark, and if he is home he blends in around the house with his camo and face paint still on.


I have been out with him a couple times now to help him “spot” deer. But it’s more like a free ride to take billions of pictures. He knows all of the prairie trails and roads to nowhere…to stuff I’ve never seen before! These prairie trails are more like cow trails but he’s driving so I won’t be the one in trouble when the pickup falls apart. How did pioneers make it in covered wagons? If I had made it this far west and came upon the badlands, I’d drop everything and build my soddie right there.

But they do lead you to magical places!


We’re always out when it’s later, because I have to be an adult and actually work. But I do get to capture a lot of sunsets so that’s okay.

The clouds never disappoint in ND.

I was supposed to be watching for a buck...but the sunset was a little more interesting to me...oops!

He off-roaded up a hill so I could take this one. What a good brother.

Pretty soon my pics will be filled with snow! And everyone else will be listening to Christmas music too! Ahh winter how I love thee…I will see you soon.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A few things I’ve learned…

Here's a list of 10 things I’ve learned lately…from myself, from others, and from living in the wild west oil boom.

1.       Don’t take Benadryl for the first time then try to drive somewhere.

2.       If you try to kick your heels in your office (just to see if you can still do it) someone might…possibly…hear you running about and jumping…and grunting. Maybe have a few explanations on hand for these types of situations. “I’ve got to get new shoes I’m always tripping!” or how about “How did that ceiling tile get out of place? Had to fix it!” Anything would probably work, no one would think you were jumping around and clicking your heels…sneaky!

3.       The best way to persuade someone to buy an Australian Shepard puppy is to constantly text them pictures and jokes about said puppy until their subconscious WANTS…NO…NEEDS a puppy. (Sorry Manfriend)

4.       If a semi-truck doesn’t have it’s blinker on…its probably still turning. Just wait your turn. No need to cause an accident and make people AN HOUR LATE FOR WORK.

5.       If you come over a hill and see two miles of traffic backed up…turn around IMMEDIATELY. FOR THE LOVE OF BUBBLEGUM, TURN AROUND.

6.       If you are deep into a traffic jam in your little car, in between two huge semis, trying to turn around is futile because you probably can’t see and every time you try to inch your tiny car into the other lane the truck behind you honks at you because the oncoming traffic is…oncoming. Please return to #5 and memorize.

7.       Remove the flimsy paper label from your water bottle. Failure to do so will result in grip slippage, causing a squeezing reaction which in turn results in an unwanted shower/fountain like explosion. Walking around work with wet pants is not fun. Consider me Miles Davis.

8.       Your Manfriend will never be as excited about your wagon wheel centerpiece idea as you are.

9.       If you want to run your own jewelry business, and need more time to make stuff, think about having your family members hide all of your movies and TV remotes. I said THINK about it…don’t get all crazy now.

10.   Take your camera EVERYWHERE. I have so many memories of photo ops when I didn’t have my camera. They haunt me.

One photo op I didn't miss!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Inspiration in the Weirdest Places

Tis the season of change! Man-oh-man have things been changing! It’s finally cooling off around here and the leaves are turning gold! I think the Manfriend is sick of me going off about getting to wear scarves and boots again. At least his level of patience hasn’t changed yet haha…
My family will also be moving soon, into a much bigger house on a much bigger piece of land that’s surrounded by a MUCH BIGGER range of landscape for me to explore and photograph and be inspired by. My little business is doing well and I’m super excited to have my first ad in COWGIRL Magazine this month! Yeedoggy!
One thing that hasn’t changed is my addiction to traveling. Holy buckaroos do I go. I just got back from a GIANT 10 day trip with my Mum and aunt and two cousins. Let me show you a map of where we went:


Yes we trekked from little town North Dakota all the way down to Santa Fe, NM and back again. And we survived. And even got a little turquoise along the way. Yeah, I’d say the trip was a success! There’s so many things to tell you about what we did…it would take forever! So I’ll just show you some of my favorite things in pictures…
Our cabin we stayed at near Antonito, CO
They have humming birds all over down there!
Grand scenery everywhere you look!

Ate lunch at the Historic Strater Hotel in Durango, CO
We saw a UFO Lookout Tower and all the cattle signs had something extra!
Taos was really cool! I don't have any pics of Sante Fe :(...I must've been in awe and forgot to snap any!
My favorite part of the trip was finally getting to see the ranch that my cousin works at. Rainbow Trout Ranch, Antonito, CO. Beautiful!!! I even got to use it as a backdrop for another photoshoot. It was perfect...

Gosh the Southwest was so amazing...I got so many ideas for things to make! I even snapped pictures in the bathrooms I was in. That sounded weird. But I had to! I think I will have to make an "Outlaw" jewelry line inspired by these two pics I took in random bathrooms:

Hard to read (darn phone camera!) but it says "When freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free"
Who doesn't love vintage Indian portraits? AMAZING!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

There's nothing better...

There’s nothing better than taking off, and getting away for a while. Especially when one of your great friends is involved! This weekend I trekked across the border to Vida, Montana, where my buddy from high school lives.

I packed up my mom’s big spiffy camera, my new leather goodies, and hit the pavement. I’m so lucky to have friends that are supportive of my new little business and that are willing to help me. Did I mention they are also all very modelesque? I couldn’t ask for a more perfect combination! My friend B agreed to help out with my photo-shoot for my next ad in COWGIRL magazine. The ads I get to create are even more special when they have the people I am close to in them!

Plus it’s so much easier doing a shoot with someone I know. We all know how awkward I am! But the shoot turned out great, and the pictures are amazing! I really will have a hard time choosing. Here are a couple example of ones that might show up in my ad…

Of course this weekend wasn’t just about taking photos…we needed some girl time too! We got to talking about my upcoming wedding and how I am NOT EVEN CLOSE to being domestic. Cooking is out of the question for me when I have a sister that went to culinary school and who cooks scrumptious meals every night! But eventually that will catch up with me, so B decided I needed a few lessons.

I was taught how to cook a delicious pork loin, how to make the best cheesy potatoes, and I even got to wear one of her magical aprons. You know how I love aprons…

Overall it was a much needed mini vacation. She even sent me home with one of her cook books! Pioneer Woman to be exact…I need to start studying!

Our little helper, Deuce!

Monday, August 13, 2012

What have I been doing lately? I don't know either.

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I need to get a handle on things before it becomes December. I cannot believe that it’s the middle of stinking August. The summer is almost over! I haven’t even been to the lake yet! I haven’t had a picnic, went camping, or rode horse. WOW I need to get it together! Pretty soon I’ll be complaining that I didn’t get to sled, throw a snowball, or give my little brother a whitewash. I think I need to slow down and smell those proverbial roses everyone keeps talking about.

I’ve got so many things going on that I’m about ready to burst at the seams. There are so many ideas bouncing around inside my skull that I have to write them all down so I don’t forget them a couple minutes later. It happens. Like right now. What was the point I am trying to make? Oh yeah….roses….right.

It always seems like I’m writing about slowing down, and enjoying life. Obviously this is something I need to do more often. My subconscious is trying to tell me something. More like blatantly scream it at me every day! Helllllloooo this is a sign.

Well I think I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way for me to do this is to travel. Sometimes you just have to go, you know? Usually my only troubles are trying to convince someone to go with me, but I’m usually quite persuasive. Spontaneity is my specialty when it comes to traveling.

I convinced my sister to go to Medora yesterday. Even though we both had to get up in the morning for work the next day (her earlier than I). It turned out to be the most beautiful day, great temperature and even a little breeze! There’s never a breeze when we go to Medora! It was meant to be!!! Of course Medora is the greatest place for my new obsession…INSTAGRAM! So many filters! So many options! So magical!

Here are a couple pics from our trip. We also got to eat the Steak Fondue and go to the musical. It was a great show and I’m so glad we went, even though I can barely type this from fatigue and she is probably asleep on her desk and drooling on her sticky notes as I write this. BUT WE’RE ENJOYING LIFE RIGHT? Yeeehhaaaww!
Bison...always in the way :)...Teddy Roosevelt Park, South Unit

Badlands Bronc Buster, Statue in downtown Medora

My favorite cafe in the whole world!

Sweet taffy to end the day right! My favorite was Key Lime. YUM IN MY TUM!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A handful of pretty pics...

Has this summer gone by fast or what? It’s almost August for Pete’s sake! I try to think back and remember what I’ve been doing but it’s a blur! There’s been crafting and weddings and parties and more crafting. And HEAT. This is about the time where I start wishing for winter. I want to wear my sweaters galdangit and throw a couple (hundred) snowballs!

But then I stop myself because I know wishing for time to go by faster is a major no-no. I’m usually the one spouting off about relishing small pleasures and living in every moment. But I guess I tend to forget that more often than not. Luckily I have a great Manfriend that allows me to divulge in my random spurts of “living in the moment”. This time I got a bug to start taking photos again, and he abidingly agreed to drive me around to find some hidden landscape treasures.

He knows all the little back roads and prairie trails so he’s basically the perfect picture taking chauffer. He even minds my sudden STOP HERE’s and the occasional BACK UP THREE INCHES commands. Yeah I’ve got it made…and I know it…because I don’t take anything for granted…riiiiiiiight…

Anyways I want to share some of the photos I snapped while on our little expedition. Enjoy these little moments (with a vintage twist!) frozen in time...

Love wild sunflowers...

I try to imagine what this schoolhouse was like when it still had kids running around...I wonder how many could fit in there?

Pretty waves
So cute...

Pretty sunset to end the day...
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