Thursday, March 29, 2012

Country Girl Cuff Giveaway!!!

Yaaarrrroooohh! My giveaway prize is finally finished! I can stop talking about it and finally show you!

Here is the Country Girl Cuff! I hand carved, tooled and stained this beauty then added rhinestones for some sparkle! It has a sliding bead and suede lace closure, so it will fit any wrist!

If you’d like to enter my giveaway, it’s really easy! Here are some ways to go about entering:

You can pick one of these things or all of them! Just make sure to leave a comment on this post after you complete each entry, telling me which way of entry you used. (If you have already joined my blog or liked me on Facebook, you can write me comments saying so!) The winner will be randomly selected from the number of comments, so the more comments you leave, the better chance you have of winning!

1 – You can join my blog

2 – You can like Hang it on the Line’s Facebook page

3 – You can share the link to this post on Facebook or Twitter

4 – You can share the link to my shop on Facebook or Twitter

The winner will be selected on Thursday, April 5th. I will post the name on this blog and on Facebook. The winner will have 5 days to claim their prize. If they fail to contact me another winner will be selected.

Thanks so much for entering and joining me in the celebration of opening my shop! Good luck! “And may the odds be ever in your favor!” (Sorry, I’m obsessed with the Hunger Games now!)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sneak Peek!

Good Morning Sunshine! I'm having a lot of fun with my new shop, although it takes me forever to add new items because I want everything to be perfect. I'm starting to think manfriend is right when he tells me I have OCD...just a mild case! I'm getting there, slowly but surely! I also started a Hang it on the Line Facebook page, where I will put some pics of my new items and such.

I'm getting really excited for this little giveaway I'm doing...I started working on the prize last night and I want to show you a close-up sneak peek of what it looks like so far:

I want to make this really special because turning my hobbies into a business is REALLY SPECIAL to me! In my next post you will see the finished product and how to enter! Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bibbity Bobbity Shop Bop!

I have finally held strong to a new year’s resolution! I would like to introduce to you my Hang it on the Line Etsy shop!!! On my Shop Bop page I will try to post new creations and any promotions I’m having. Come back soon for a special giveaway that I’m going to do in celebration of opening my shop!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ever let the Fancy roam...

In honor of Spring, I'd like to share one of my favorite poems with you. I was going to only share an excerpt but it's just so good I wanted to give you the entire poem:

Fancy by John Keats
Ever let the Fancy roam,
Pleasure never is at home:
At a touch sweet Pleasure melteth,
Like to bubbles when rain pelteth;
Then let winged Fancy wander
Through the thought still spread beyond her:
Open wide the mind's cage-door,
She'll dart forth, and cloudward soar.
O sweet Fancy! let her loose;
Summer's joys are spoilt by use,
And the enjoying of the Spring
Fades as does its blossoming;
Autumn's red-lipp'd fruitage too,
Blushing through the mist and dew,
Cloys with tasting: What do then?
Sit thee by the ingle, when
The sear faggot blazes bright,
Spirit of a winter's night;
When the soundless earth is muffled,
And the caked snow is shuffled
From the ploughboy's heavy shoon;
When the Night doth meet the Noon
In a dark conspiracy
To banish Even from her sky.
Sit thee there, and send abroad,
With a mind self-overaw'd,
Fancy, high-commission'd:--send her!
She has vassals to attend her:
She will bring, in spite of frost,
Beauties that the earth hath lost;
She will bring thee, all together,
All delights of summer weather;
All the buds and bells of May,
From dewy sward or thorny spray;
All the heaped Autumn's wealth,
With a still, mysterious stealth:
She will mix these pleasures up
Like three fit wines in a cup,
And thou shalt quaff it:--thou shalt hear
Distant harvest-carols clear;
Rustle of the reaped corn;
Sweet birds antheming the morn:
And, in the same moment, hark!
'Tis the early April lark,
Or the rooks, with busy caw,
Foraging for sticks and straw.
Thou shalt, at one glance, behold
The daisy and the marigold;
White-plum'd lillies, and the first
Hedge-grown primrose that hath burst;
Shaded hyacinth, alway
Sapphire queen of the mid-May;
And every leaf, and every flower
Pearled with the self-same shower.
Thou shalt see the field-mouse peep
Meagre from its celled sleep;
And the snake all winter-thin
Cast on sunny bank its skin;
Freckled nest-eggs thou shalt see
Hatching in the hawthorn-tree,
When the hen-bird's wing doth rest
Quiet on her mossy nest;
Then the hurry and alarm
When the bee-hive casts its swarm;
Acorns ripe down-pattering,
While the autumn breezes sing.

Oh, sweet Fancy! let her loose;
Every thing is spoilt by use:
Where's the cheek that doth not fade,
Too much gaz'd at? Where's the maid
Whose lip mature is ever new?
Where's the eye, however blue,
Doth not weary? Where's the face
One would meet in every place?
Where's the voice, however soft,
One would hear so very oft?
At a touch sweet Pleasure melteth
Like to bubbles when rain pelteth.
Let, then, winged Fancy find
Thee a mistress to thy mind:
Dulcet-ey'd as Ceres' daughter,
Ere the God of Torment taught her
How to frown and how to chide;
With a waist and with a side
White as Hebe's, when her zone
Slipt its golden clasp, and down
Fell her kirtle to her feet,
While she held the goblet sweet
And Jove grew languid.--Break the mesh
Of the Fancy's silken leash;
Quickly break her prison-string
And such joys as these she'll bring.--
Let the winged Fancy roam,
Pleasure never is at home.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do! Welcome sunshine, crocuses, and tweetie birds!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

224 Pages of Everything I've Ever Wanted To Know

I got a new book. It’s amazing. I must tell you about it.

I may have freaked a little when I started reading it, because the information my brain was absorbing was everything that I need to know in life. Everything that I have wondered about, pondered on, and tried to Google.

How could this be?! I had found my knowledge salvation and I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm. So naturally I attacked my sister with out loud readings (more like out loud yellings…I was excited) of basically the entire book. I had to share it with someone or I was going to burst! Plus the author is an Illustrator, so it’s filled with amazing drawings and graphics. It’s my dream book!

What’s it called you ask? Drum roll please…Farm Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of Country Life. Ahh yes with a name like that how could I not go coco for cocoa puffs? All of this country knowledge that has been lost from generation to generation in my family has now been restored! There is so much fun info in this book I really can’t do it justice by trying to explain it to you. But I will tell you a few of my favorites.

There is a weather section, where you learn how to predict the weather, how to watch animal behavior to know when bad weather is coming and it also lists and describes all of the different cloud formations. You can learn about all of the farm animals, from chickens up to horses. It lists all of the species and how to care for them and for you meat lovers, it shows all of the cuts for cows and pigs. So now I can tell chickens apart and tell if their eggs are fresh or not. It teaches you patterns for plowing a field and how to plant a garden right. Even how to plant an orchard! It also shows you all the different types of barn styles and their construction. These are the sort of things I need to know! Magic!

How can I choose? One of each please!
I got these pics from Google images.

I’m telling you, its mind boggling how perfect this book is. I have to stop talking about it now because I’ll want to tell you everything that’s written in it and we’d be here until next Tuesday. But if you’re interested in the rural way of life, definitely check this book out!!! It’s right up there with Harry Potter as one of my favorites. Yes. I said Harry Potter. I’ll just warn you that once you start reading it you probably won’t be able to put it down, so make sure you have some time! I’m going to go stare at and categorize clouds now…have a great day, dear reader!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Homemade just like a gypsy!

Happy March! This spring weather is making me feel a little frisky...I'm ready for tank tops, picnics, and wildflowers. Can you tell I'm from North Dakota? Because all I talk about is the weather? happens.

All of these delicious warm weather images that are playing in my head keep reminding me of Gypsies. Random? Well when I think of wildflowers and freedom and sunshine I think of Gypsies. And Miranda Lambert (one of my faves) doesn't help with her Airstream Song which keeps finding me in my car (I think that song is on 2/3rds of my CDs).

So of course I have to incorporate these things into my jewelry. Here's a little something I've been working on...hopefully this will show up somewhere in my shop! I hope you get to enjoy some sunshine wherever you it real or just in your mind!

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