Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Inspiration in the Weirdest Places

Tis the season of change! Man-oh-man have things been changing! It’s finally cooling off around here and the leaves are turning gold! I think the Manfriend is sick of me going off about getting to wear scarves and boots again. At least his level of patience hasn’t changed yet haha…
My family will also be moving soon, into a much bigger house on a much bigger piece of land that’s surrounded by a MUCH BIGGER range of landscape for me to explore and photograph and be inspired by. My little business is doing well and I’m super excited to have my first ad in COWGIRL Magazine this month! Yeedoggy!
One thing that hasn’t changed is my addiction to traveling. Holy buckaroos do I go. I just got back from a GIANT 10 day trip with my Mum and aunt and two cousins. Let me show you a map of where we went:


Yes we trekked from little town North Dakota all the way down to Santa Fe, NM and back again. And we survived. And even got a little turquoise along the way. Yeah, I’d say the trip was a success! There’s so many things to tell you about what we did…it would take forever! So I’ll just show you some of my favorite things in pictures…
Our cabin we stayed at near Antonito, CO
They have humming birds all over down there!
Grand scenery everywhere you look!

Ate lunch at the Historic Strater Hotel in Durango, CO
We saw a UFO Lookout Tower and all the cattle signs had something extra!
Taos was really cool! I don't have any pics of Sante Fe :(...I must've been in awe and forgot to snap any!
My favorite part of the trip was finally getting to see the ranch that my cousin works at. Rainbow Trout Ranch, Antonito, CO. Beautiful!!! I even got to use it as a backdrop for another photoshoot. It was perfect...

Gosh the Southwest was so amazing...I got so many ideas for things to make! I even snapped pictures in the bathrooms I was in. That sounded weird. But I had to! I think I will have to make an "Outlaw" jewelry line inspired by these two pics I took in random bathrooms:

Hard to read (darn phone camera!) but it says "When freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free"
Who doesn't love vintage Indian portraits? AMAZING!


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