Thursday, November 1, 2012

Somethin’ about barns.

What is it about barns? When I see them I swoon. You know what happens when little girls see puppies? That’s me with barns. I’m always hanging out the window snapping pictures as we drive by them. I would live in a barn. I would cuddle up to my old mare and sheep and goat and I would be smelly and happy. So happy.

I don’t know how or when my obsession with these buildings started. But things are getting serious. My family knows to slow down or stop when there’s a barn in site. I just can’t get over them. Is it their appealing gambrel or gothic architecture? Is it the memories of chasing wild barn kitties? Or is it the history…of how these buildings helped settlers survive out on this lonesome prairie? I mean, people built their barns before they built their houses.  I think it’s all of the above.
I've been thinking about barns lately, and I want to start this wonderful month off right by sharing some of my pictures I’ve snapped over my travels! Enjoy!

Near Bozeman, MT

Rainbow Trout Ranch, Antonito, CO

Southern CO

Spearfish, SD
My brother and I in front of our barn.

And here are some barns that I will somehow, someday see:

Cute horsey!
Park City
Someday I will have a barn. And there will be parties. And square dancing. I will call it my Homestead Hootenanny.
Found this on Pinterest. One of my top ten favorites. Will hang in my house forever.

Happy November and start to the HOLIDAY SEASON! Hurrah!


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