Howdy! This is Cheyanne speaking--well typing, and I want to share a bit of myself with you. I hope you are enjoying my blog or at least getting a little chuckle out of seeing a mounted jackalope! I finally settled on his name...so now when I refer to my mascot John-boy, you'll know who I'm talking about!

I grew up and reside in a sleepy little town in Western NoDak. Well it's not sleepy anymore (thank you oil boom) but I still love it! I am an avid traveler and a homebody. I love sports and crafting and being outside but enjoy the couch potato days. I have a gigantic family that is very close…and eccentric. I also have wonderful friends who are always there if I need them and a very sweet manfriend who puts up with my bizarre personality.

A lot of people say I'm "unique", which roughly translates to: you're kind of weird and I don't know where you came from. But who doesn't like to be a little different? I would rather go hunting in the badlands than get my hair done. I'd rather explore an old homestead house than go to the bar. I would rather name all of my inanimate objects with a face than go shoe shopping. And if Harry Potter is on, I will be in a trance for the next 2 hours and don't even try talking to me.

I lived through 4 years of college and received my bachelor of science degree in design technology (doesn't that sound fancy?) and now I'm creating and designing every day at work and home, and life couldn't get any better! Creating is my thing and I love bringing something into the world that only I can make...my own two hands tooled that leather or beaded that necklace or designed that logo! Awwww how exciting! Here are few of my latest faves to do: leather crafting, metal stamping, working with ArtClay, playing the harmonica, driving around to take pictures (and then Photoshopping them!), playing will Illustrator (I learn something new every day!), making jewelry, and now working on my blog!

I hope you find my writings amusing. (Just try to ignore all the exclamation points; I'm a very excitable person!!!!!!! Haha...) I started this to share my ideas with others who have the same passions as me. There are so many things that I love, I just can’t keep them bottled up anymore! And as for the jackalope...us oddballs have to stick together!

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