Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Falling for Fall.

Can you believe it’s the end of September already? It seems like just yesterday when I was making my New Year’s resolutions. And now it’s time for me to listen to Christmas music again!!! Hahaha I know you’re thinking it’s a little early for that, but every year like clockwork I get that Christmas itch and I gotta scratch it…preferably with the awesome Christmas station on Pandora. Anyways…back to September…it’s also the start of hunting season! I haven’t seen my little brother for weeks. Usually he’s out hunting til dark, and if he is home he blends in around the house with his camo and face paint still on.


I have been out with him a couple times now to help him “spot” deer. But it’s more like a free ride to take billions of pictures. He knows all of the prairie trails and roads to nowhere…to stuff I’ve never seen before! These prairie trails are more like cow trails but he’s driving so I won’t be the one in trouble when the pickup falls apart. How did pioneers make it in covered wagons? If I had made it this far west and came upon the badlands, I’d drop everything and build my soddie right there.

But they do lead you to magical places!


We’re always out when it’s later, because I have to be an adult and actually work. But I do get to capture a lot of sunsets so that’s okay.

The clouds never disappoint in ND.

I was supposed to be watching for a buck...but the sunset was a little more interesting to me...oops!

He off-roaded up a hill so I could take this one. What a good brother.

Pretty soon my pics will be filled with snow! And everyone else will be listening to Christmas music too! Ahh winter how I love thee…I will see you soon.


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