Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter will never change for me

It’s here! It’s finally here! The first real snow!

Mum Winter has been kind to us here in western ND. She’s blown a little and called on Jack to cast some glittering frost but she has kept the snow to herself. Until a few days ago.

I love the Badlands after a good snow flurry!

What a wonderful day it was, large fluffy snowflakes fell—you know the kind, the romantic sort. I watched out the window as I decorated the twinkling Christmas tree in the bank lobby. Yes, a perfect beginning to the Christmas season.

I think Swede, my lawn gnome, was thoroughly enjoying himself too.
What fun snow brings! What crazy shenanigans you can get into! Memories rush back to me, all the snow forts I’ve made, all the snow down my pants and neck when making snow angels and all the fanciful times I’ve shared with my siblings on snow days.

Yup, snow down the pants. I really need a snow suit.

So many memories, so much fun. I will always be that little girl catching snowflakes on her tongue and starting snowball fights. Winter will never change for me.

My big seesters and I


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