Thursday, December 1, 2011

A North Dakota Thanksgiving

Well, Thanksgiving was a success. I came, I conquered, I ate too much. I hope you, dear reader, had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. Hopefully filled with delicious food, crazy relatives and lots and lots of laughter.

For my family’s holiday we usually take turns for the hosting, this year was my aunt’s turn. Thank goodness! Because that meant we didn’t have to go on a freak cleaning binge, and I didn’t have to clean up all my little crafting stations that I set up anywhere in the house that has a flat sturdy surface. (My poor mother…)

We have buckets of traditions, some old and some new. My favorites (which are not surprisingly made up of food) are having frozen—YES FROZEN—cranberries and green bean hotdish. And I can’t forget to mention the lefse. And cherry cheesecake. And turkey and ham. Okay I think I’ll just stop there, and say that the entire meal is my favorite!

 I guess a lot of people don't eat frozen cranberries. Including my manfriend, who almost picked it up because he thought it was a candle...hahaha more memories...


We also play games. Usually an intense game of spoons erupts, where people are scratched, elbowed and halfway mauled. I think the funniest incident is from a couple years back, which involved a state champion wrestler and his sister engaging in a chicken-wing-leg-twist fight over the last spoon…can you guess who won? Nobody wants to sit by the wrestler with the baseball mitt hands anymore…

We’ve also started a new tradition, of shooting guns. Can I get a “Yeeehhhaaaawwww Nort Daaahhkooota”? This year was a great turn out, plenty of guns and even the mums came out and shot with us!!!

Are we a little redneck? Maybe. Maybe a bit. But we have fun.

I am a very lucky gal, to have such a wonderful family that always finds a way to get together. And does it with such class!

My cous with our targets...proof someone is a good shot!

Not a lot has changed from back when I was little. Except for a few additions to the family and a few loved ones smiling down from up above, we are still the close knit group we have always been. I am thankful for my wild, exceptional family. They made me who I am today, and give me the support and courage I need to make my life a life worth living…


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