Monday, December 5, 2011

Tis the season for crafting

As Christmas approaches, it brings with it mixed joys and stresses. Like the stress of untangling lights, and the joyful sight of a perfectly decorated mantle, with a nativity set and stockings. Like the stress of swallowing flocking while moving a tree, and the joy of plugging in the gently twinkling lights that you almost killed yourself hanging up along the gutter.

Also, the stress of getting your family all together at one time to snap a quick photo for your Christmas card, and the joy of getting them printed on time and in the mailbox. I think the joys outweigh the stresses!

Now speaking of Christmas cards, and the joy of sending them, there is also joy in receiving them! People work hard on those cards and you should display them in recognition! Ooh, what’s that? You just plaster them on your fridge? Well, I can help with that.

Since Christmas is indeed the season for crafting, here is a very simple and delightful DIY to display those festive Christmas cards you will be receiving this year. Plus once the holiday season has passed, you can use it for your other holiday displays, for pictures or an inspiration frame!

Now of course this DIY involves a bit of junkin'...those are the best kind, right? While I was out with my manfriend, I got this idea while looking through his grandparent's old house. So here are some instructions for your own holiday card display frame!

Ol' Duke helped me sand my window protecting me from my arch nemesis. The grasshopper! He jumped around and ate them while I worked. I am eternally grateful for his efforts, because once those suckers cling on to me I lose's not pretty!

What a pal!

After you sand all the old paint and pokey corners off, you can paint or stain to your liking. While I was at work my nice sister spray painted mine black for me. Then I sanded the edges down and stained them to give it a vintage feel.

Here are the tools I used to make the hangers:

You can use whatever type of string or clips you want. These are just what I had laying around. Just screw the eye screws in by hand then string the line throughout the frame. Add as many clothesline pins as you want!

 And there you have it, a fun way to show off those Christmas cards...and a piece that you can leave up all year long! No one likes putting away all those decorations right?


  1. Love it!! You so smart. :)

    I'll have to go junking with you one of these times when I am home. It's tough to find abandoned farm houses here in Denver. Ya know?

    PS What does swallowing flocking entail?



  2. Hahaha thanks Brandy, and flocking is that fake snow they spray on trees. (I just learned about it too, while decorating at the bank.) It gets everywhere!


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