Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Daydream Getaway

Wooohoooo! It’s December 20th! Where has the time gone? This year went by so fast to me. I am getting very excited for Christmas, as I’m sure you are too. Only four more days! Don’t forget to move the mouse on your calendar! (If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, see the picture below for reference. Everyone should have one of those darling wall hangings! Haha…I’m serious.)

I'm not so sure what is so wonderous
about that little mouse, but as kids,
my siblings and I loved it! Still do :)

Well, it has been a very interesting winter here in western NoDak. And when I say interesting, I mean WARM! Today it’s 41 degrees out and sunny! I’m on the fence when it comes to this weather. It’s very nice traveling conditions for those who are trying to make it home for Christmas. But on the other hand, I haven’t been able to snowmobile, sled or build a snow fort yet. I think Mother Nature is waiting for the holidays to be over and then she’s going to dump blizzards on us until May!

She likes to be tricky like that, especially to North Dakota! All this warm weather happening, when it’s supposed to be cold, has got me reminiscing of the places that are actually wintry right now. Like the mountains.

Who doesn’t like daydreaming about the mountains? Or chestnuts roasting in an open fire? Maybe a bear rug? Yeah I won’t go any farther…but the best part of the mountains is standing outside in the middle of the huge pine trees with the peaks looming above you, looking up and watching the snow quietly descend. Well, that’s my favorite part anyways…

All you can hear is the gentle thrumming of your own heart, the even rhythym of your breathing and the soft crunch of fresh powder beneath your booties. And as those snowflakes gently fall, you can’t help but feel at one with nature. Maybe you wish you could pull a Jeremiah Johnson and stay out there for eternity. (Robert Redford has the best hair, who wouldn’t want to be him? If you haven't seen that movie, put it on your Netflix list ASAP!)

But as it turns out, I’m not making a trip to the mountains any time soon. So I needed to do something to honor those majestic beauties. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get my own Etsy shop going. I’m mainly going to sell jewelry, and maybe some other curious things. So in one of my crazy daydreaming trips, I was inspired to make this bracelet.

Yaroooh! I even got to use some snow shoes for a prop! For this bracelet, I drew and cut out the mountain shaped base and then hand stamped it. I added a turquoise patina to the peaks and turquoise beads to match.

Yay! I got to create something out of my inspiration and also gave you a little sneak peek at what my shop will be filled with. Now I hope you can have your own winter daydream getaway…take a break from your busy day, sit back, close your eyes and envision your perfect winter wonderland…


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