Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Godt Nyttår!

Hello 2012! We are officially having crazy weather here in Western NoDak. I haven’t seen a snowflake here for months! I was really glad to be down in South Dakota for New Years, where the Black Hills welcomed us with an early morning snow flurry. Plus the Black Hills are the next best thing to the mountains!

The view off the deck of my Aunt & Unc's cabin in SD

I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s celebration…and that you didn’t get too wild! Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I hope you are taking this time to reflect on the year past and getting excited for one ahead of us!

What opportunities a new year brings…it’s like a clean slate, another chance for us to get it right! I wish you great happiness and success in this new year. (If you're wondering about this post's title, it translates to "Happy New Year" Norsk classes are starting up again next week so I need to get some practice in!) Skol 2012!


  1. Very beautiful picture! I am bummed that we didn't make it for New Years! Hope to get together with the whole family sometime SOON!!!

  2. This picture is amazing! It is quite ridiculous how your pictures make me long for home!


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