Wednesday, January 18, 2012

C’est la vie!

I have been doing a lot of daydreaming and drifting lately. The New Year hasn’t been very kind to us around here. There have been accidents, dreadful crimes and now winter has finally woken up and we are trying not to freeze our tails off! Sometimes I just have to get away! So my mind has been wandering quite frequently to hills of warmer places, cities across the sea, and cabins up on top of mountains.

A couple days ago, I was flipping through my look book (my binder of clippings and photos from magazines that inspire me) and I came across an ad for the perfume I wear. I remember saving it because, first of all it’s set in Paris, and secondly the colors are amazing. This made my mind travel back in time to when I visited “La Ville-Lumière” or the City of Light. I think my desperate-for-a-vacation mind skewed the memory because Paris was more magical than before! The little cafes, the night time ferry ride and the twinkling Eiffel tower all seemed to be just an image I dreamt up.

It was a very calming day dream, and with it came loads of inspiration! As you know, I’m getting my stock up to start selling on Etsy, so right now everything I see I turn into a piece of jewelry. So I turned on Quelqu'un m'a dit by Carla Bruni and got to work. Here are a few snap shots of my process in making my c'est la vie necklace, and another sneak-peek at what my shop will be filled with…

My ballons in their first state, just out of the oven.
Getting ready to assemble.
Balloons are ready! Had to make them fly a little :)
And it's finished!

Thank goodness for this daydream! It reminded me - C'EST LA VIE! (That's life!)


  1. As always Cheyanne, love it!

  2. Cheyanne, thanks for this, it really "uplifted" my spirits and my thoughts. I'm so blessed to know you. Love you.

  3. That's awesome! You are one talented girl!!!

  4. OH MY GOSH I love that(the balloons and the post!)


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