Monday, February 13, 2012

A Wild West Weekend

It must’ve been a sign, me talking about my brother in the last post and his obsession with trapping. Because this weekend, things got even more extreme!

It was a normal Saturday, I was up watching a little Pride and Prejudice (of course) when I got a call from my bro who was ‘out in the field’ trapping. When he started talking I remember thinking to myself…he hasn’t been this excited since he was 5! (He’s a teenager now you know…can't show emotion.)

“You’ll never guess the luck I had on my trapping line! I caught a coyote AND a mountain lion!”

Now when we call western ND the ‘wild west’ we are usually referring to the recent influx of people but I think we need to start including wild animals! There have been many sightings of big cats around this country but I never thought I’d see one. So I was very excited to get the chance to be up close and personal with such an allusive beast!

Of course, trapping mountain lions isn’t legal in ND so we had to call the game warden. But first we had to get the cat out of the bottom of the coulee so he could come pick it up! Haha you should be glad you weren’t there to see that struggle…it seems my brother and I are always in these awkward situations!

I also want to state, that once you climb that hill out of the coulee, you are right by my parent's new house they are buildling. So basically this means when any of us go hiking we will be packing our pistols. And large dogs. And maybe some chainmail. I guess it's something you have to deal with to get a view of the Badlands out your living room window.
After about half an hour we made it out of the coulee to the pickup. He weighed a ton! Well, it felt like a ton and I'm still sore!
The mighty hunter had to pose...boys (insert eye roll)...I definitely wouldn't want that kitty hunting me. I also forgot to mention that we went to the movie The Grey the night before this. Yeah...that did not help at all carrying that cat through the trees. I swore I heard howling...


  1. I've been waiting patiently for this because I knew it was coming and as usual it was well worth the wait. Good story Cheyanne.

  2. I honestly had no idea that the animals died when people trapped them. I imagine trapping as a cage and after you trap them you just say "GOTCHA" and then let them go. I'm not even kidding.

    Sooooo what do you do with a dead mountain lion? I have to know.

    1. Haha I guess I should have said he 'snared' him which kills the animal right away. When he traps they are only caught by a paw. So basically trapping is the same as hunting, the animal pretty much just finds you! He turned the mountain lion over to the game warden. If he could keep it he would have it mounted and probably hanging in his room!


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