Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eat – Sleep – Craft

I woke up to a winter wonderland here in Western ND this morning. It was snowing and the sun was out and I felt like I was in the 80’s movie Labyrinth (you know the one, with David Bowie?) with glitter constantly falling from everywhere. It’s a sun-flurry or a snow-shine…I will have to work on my name for this beautiful spectacle. Whatever it is, in all of its loveliness, it slapped me in the face and brought me back to reality.

Here's a visual for you of the movie Labyrinth hahaha

You see, I have been a busy little bee…working away on pieces to fill my virtual shop with. In the process I have been neglecting nature, laundry, my blog, my favorite TV shows and even manfriend. (Sorry manfriend!) But things are finally happening and falling into place better than I had imagined. I think I might even be obsessed now, more than usual, with making things. It’s getting out of hand. I have had super glue where no person should ever have super glue. Okay, that came out wrong, but you get my point.

I now know I would be the creepiest looking bee in the crafting hive...

I have to force myself away from my card table work station to go to the bathroom for Pete’s sake! I mean come on, it is an imposition when you’re right in the middle of carving leather! Yes, if you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a little over-the-top.

My petite jewelry/leather crafting work station...yes that is a gnome reading a book.
If you were wondering, his name is Ole.

I just can’t wait to share with you what I’ve come up with. I think I have enough jewelry stocked up…so it’s time to move on to leather!!! Can I get a YIP YIP YIIIIPPPPPEEEEE!!!! I’m pretty much just flying by the seat of my pants, working on whatever project pops into my mind. But once it’s there, I have to make it. HAVE TO. It’s all I think about. I have been dreaming of turquoise beads off and on for about two months now. I don’t want to know what leather is going to do to me…

Anyways, here are a few snapshots of what I’ve been working on. Hopefully I will have the shop up and running soon so I can share everything!

Sunday Morning Earrings

Wild at Heart Necklace

Aim High Leather Bracelet

County Fair Earrings
Back in the Saddle Leather Pendant Necklace
Some hand stamped bracelets
Ready for the shop!

P.S. - I'm thinking of doing a giveaway contest in celebration of opening my online shop. What would you most like to see as the prize? A necklace? Some earrings? You tell me! Have a great day!


  1. I am so excited! I can't wait to see all your wares.

  2. I can't wait to buy everything. E v e r y t h i n g. I vote for a necklace as the prize!

  3. Cheyanne, this is all so damn cool!!! I can't wait!!


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