Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Craft Wheels are a Turnin'

I notice when the weather starts getting colder and things slow down a bit, I get to thinking. This is not as scary as it sounds…I get to thinking about more and more projects that I have stored away in my mind for a less busy time. So now that the evenings are quite chilly and I’m spending more time inside, the project generator in my mind starts it’s engine and gets me revved up for crafts. Maybe this is why I enjoy fall and winter so much?

I’m lucky to have a manfriend that will help me with these projects. Like finding me old barn doors and tearing down old window frames and drilling “pocket holes”…yes, I have learned a lot. He doesn’t really understand why I get so excited and do my happy dance for old tin and wood…"It has a history!” or “That chipping paint gives it character!”… but he obliges and helps me with the tasks.

So this last weekend on a chilly Saturday, I cornered my Far and persuaded him to dig out one of my Mor’s salvaged pieces of ceiling tin that I was confiscating to use for this project. And after some giant spider encounters, a few cut fingers and some choice words, he had it out of the little brown building and even cut it for me! (What a great Far!)

“This is finally happening!” I shouted…in my head of course…maybe…Then I scooped up some old wood from my growing collection and I was off to the big shop on manfriend’s farm to create something magical…


Are you wondering what in the begeezus I made? And did it turn out? Here is your answer…and some steps in creating your own tin magnet board...you know--if things like this make you do your happy dance too:

One square of old tin
3-4 pieces of old wood (I used old window trim)
Compound Saw (or something to cut the wood)
Pocket Hole Jig (this is an option)
Electric Screwdriver
Wood Glue
3/4 Inch Nails

To begin, decide how you want your tin to look. If you want it painted or just the metal showing. I went for the metal look. (After manfriend tried everything under the sun to get the old paint off of the front, we just used the back side of the tin for the magnet board…I’m allowed to change my mind right? Oops.) From here on out I basically just watched him go to town. My shop skills have dwindled since high school…but I did learn some things!

Decide how you want to cut your frame…if you want straight seams or angled at the corners. Then measure and cut away! (He did straight seams with a one inch overhang on the tin.) Once your boards are cut you can drill pocket holes or screw them together any way you want. Make sure to glue the seams right before you screw the frame together because “90% of your strength comes from the glue” stated manfriend…or something like that…

Once your sturdy frame is assembled, place your tin on the back and hammer the sides on with the 3/4 inch nails. (If you have thin frame wood, make sure your nails aren’t too long that they’ll go through the front.)

And Waaaah Laaa! You have your tin magnet board! You can also put a hanger on the back if you plan on hanging the board. But it would work to set somewhere too. So overall it doesn’t sound too bad does it? Just don’t spend all your time trying to get old paint off and it will be a quick and fun project for one of your chilly fall evenings!

And then you can go on to create some pretty magnets for your board...another fun project! (I bought those flowers at Hobby Lobby--aka Heaven--and glued magnets on the back.) I hope this gets your craft wheels a turning!


  1. HI Cheyanne, I found your blog through your cuz Chelsea and I love it. I am feeling the same way about crafting as the cold comes marching in and this reminded me of standing in the shop next to hubby as he builds me barn wood frames :) I love your magnet board. Absolutely fabulous.

    And love your blog! Thanks for sharing.

  2. AMAZING SHINER!!!! It turned out sooo good! I am so proud of you and definitely going to copy you! I love the flower magnets...they are perfect with the old barnwood and tin, like a sweet country charm, I just want to sit in a creaky rocking chair with a mason jar full of sweet tea and stare at your masterpiece!

  3. Aww mange takk Jessie--I absolutely love your blog! You are a great writer and I always get a good chuckle out of your stories. Your photography is beautiful too! Thank YOU for sharing your ranch adventures!

  4. Bean--I'm glad you like it! I--or Ryan:)--will have to make one of these for you..good thing we didn't buy them at the Junk Bonanza, since they're so easy to make!


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