Friday, October 28, 2011

Mountains, Rivers and Yarn...OH MY!

Yaaarrrooooohhh! I just survived a trek to MT with my rents and aunt. My aunt and I had a great time shopping while my rents picked out the new guts for their house that's being built. The driving part wasn’t easy but I made it. Don’t get me wrong I had plenty of fun and my eyes still hurt from forgetting to blink while staring at the amazing scenery…but there were some things I would’ve liked to skip! Such as being stuck in close quarters with someone who has food poisoning. Doesn’t that sound tasty? Now I know why dogs stick their heads out the window constantly.

Our trip started out great, we left on a brisk clear morning, you know the kind—the ones that give you false hope of a quick drive, clean rest areas and gourmet fast food. I love that feeling right before a trip, that unknown feeling that anything can happen, the beginning of an adventure! We were off to Bozeman and there was no turning back (if you forgot your sunglasses, that was too bad).

I brought tons to do on the seven hour drive, magazines and books cluttered my seat area. I had also brought three balls of yarn and my new needles. (Really Cheyanne? Do you think you’ll need all of that yarn? Somehow in my warped crafting mind I felt I would…) One of my goals was to make a knitting project like one I had seen on Etsy. Just a simple neck warmer, with my own touches added. The thing I didn’t think about was car sickness, hand cramps and beautiful, glorious mountains. Have you seen the Rockies before? Well it had been a long time for me and they sure are distracting!

How can I concentrate with a picture like that in front of me? Ooooh JW!

I knitted as much as my wandering mind would allow me to. I got pretty far on my project then on the way home I realized I had made it way too wide and had to start over. “You shoddy knitter!” kept going through my mind. By that time, it was beginning to get dark and the food poisoning had started in the front seat. Ugh, I just wasn’t very interested anymore. But I battled through the all the sounds and smells…eh hem, sorry for that… because I wanted to reach my goal of finishing the project. “Just ONE project, come on!”

Good thing I remembered a headlight.

But it turns out that having to start over wasted too much time and we made it home before I could finish. So stay tuned for the end of my story…hopefully my wild knitting fiasco will be done soon! Here are a couple pretty pictures of Western Montana to tide you over with until I can finish my knitting:

I wanted to buy that...
Now you know why I was so distracted!


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