Monday, September 19, 2011

A JuNkin' GoOD Time!

Is your epic theme song still playing? It should be! My friend B and I just got back from our trip to Shakopee, MN and I am bursting to get the word out about the Junk Bonanza. Never before have I been to a place like this! I've seen plenty of craft fairs in my day but this one takes the cake. I mean really, the whole cake and licks the frosting off the plate afterwards. If you are a fan of vintage treasures, old and new, you have to--I repeat HAVE TO--attend this annual flea market!

I cannot begin to explain to you, dear reader, everything that I saw. The first second I walked into the door I was overwhelmed and captivated by everything handmade, re-painted and patched up. There are just too many things that I encountered to list here, so I will tell you about my favorites...

I am a huge fan of trunks and you can about imagine my enthusiasm as I walked the crowded aisles between vendors and saw that almost every booth had a trunk in it. Big and small, wood or metal, all different colors and textures. I was beside myself. Of course I was drooling over the jewelry as well; there were so many unique varieties, from vintage collections to pieces made from inner tubes. Anything you can imagine for house decor was there, wonderful old wardrobes, all sorts of shelves (one of the coolest was a corner shelf, made out of an old door sawed in half), and of course vintage paintings! I think one of the most unique things I saw was a piece from an old carousel in NYC, that was turned into a wall hanging. How great is that?

Another extraordinary thing about this show is the booths themselves. Each vendor was set up in their own little magical space, usually separated from the others by old shudders or doors. They created brilliant little scenes that drew you in and when you left your eyes were sparkling and there was a new bag in your hand!

Thus for my first real flea market experience, the Junk Bonanza was a winner! I can't wait to go back next year. I got so many ideas for what to make with my own barn wood...I'll be busy for a while! It's hard to explain how wonderful this place really is, you just have to see it for yourself. So grab a great junkin' friend and start planing your trip. But be should bring a pickup because you might be hauling a truck-load home after spending a couple days there!


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