Saturday, June 2, 2012

Inspiration is everywhere...

Happy June! My how this year is flying by! The weather here in Western ND is finally clearing up and being nice to us. Besides a few hundred rain storms…we’ve now got sunshine and tweetie birds! Inspiration is all around me outside during this beautiful time of year. Except…wait a minute…I’m not outside! My job requires a desk and computer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but sometimes a girl just has to roll around in the grass and run wild and do ballerina jumps over logs. Well…what I picture as ballerina jumps anyways…
So, getting to my point…since I’m sitting on a computer all day long and not able to ramble about in the wilderness, I have to find new places for inspiration. Inspiration for my jewelry of course!

One day I stumbled upon a natural light photographer whose horse photos immediately caught my eye. I got even more interested when I saw that it was taken in ND!!! Her name is Aimee Schirado and she owns Wildflower Photography.
I actually found her picture on Wrangler Western’s page. They had us all posting western photos one day and hers stood out to me more than any of them.

Isn’t it just lovely?!

The colors and composition are what dreams are made of! And I can’t get over the beautiful mustang. How can you not be inspired by this wistful moment captured on the ND prairie? And inspired I was!!! I had to create something that could remind me of that photo. Something that would give me those same dreamy feelings when worn.

So here is my Nakota Mustang Necklace brought to life...

I used bluegreen turquoise nuggets to represent the sky and grass.

To represent the pretty mustang, I used silver and pyrite beads.

To represent the horse more I added a little "horse tail" at the bottom of the necklace.

This necklace will be in my booth at Art in the Park on the 22nd.

Inspiration is everywhere you look…you just have to open your eyes!
Thank you Aimee for sharing this photo! I'm so happy I found it. Visit Wildflower Photography to see some more amazing photos!


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