Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If I could ride the clouds...

Happy May Day! I just love the month of May...besides it being my birthday month (Yahoo!)... it's when I can really tell that warm weather is here to stay and there's no more dreary winter days to put up with. May just gives me the travel bug and makes me want to get going!

Last weekend the manfriend and I made a very quick trip to Bozeman, MT. I wanted to see the mountains so bad, and since it was raining he couldn't farm anyways. PERFECT TIMING for a road trip! It was so much fun to get away from the busy oil boom and to see the glorious Rocky Mountains. Those dang mountains do something to me...there is so much inspiration radiating from every little teeny tiny pebble, I can't stand it! When I was looking through some of the pictures I took I couldn’t help but stare at the clouds. I think clouds make a picture. So…I had to write a little poem to show my love for those fluffy formations. Don’t pay attention to the bad grammar (my writing is terrible), just let your imagination take you for a ride on the clouds…

If I could ride the clouds,

I’d never leave the sky.

I’d wake up every morning,

And watch the birdies flying by.

I’d touch the tips of mountains,

And with the wind I’d sing.

I’d dance with the Northern lights,

How much joy that would bring!

I would call to the wild horses,

And they would whinny back.

There would be no hurry,

No time to keep track.

At night I’d soar up high,

And count the stars all around.

Then catch some fireflies,

As I drifted back down.

If I could ride the clouds,

I’d never leave the sky.

I’d live my life in peace,

Knowing angels were nearby.


  1. Sweet Cheyanne! You are very talented! :-)


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