Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An unusual recollection...

Okay I’m torn. Rifle season just ended and my feelings seem to be still at war. Now I grew up in a hunting family and I lah-ah-ahve deer meat. Deer sausage, sticks and jerky…yes please! But how can I enjoy killing those cute little faunas that I wear on my Christmas underpinnings?

Mulie does on the North Dakota prairie

While I stood aside watching my dad…I’ll just say “clean”…my brother’s freshly slain doe, I couldn’t help but feel a twang of guilt. She was probably just hanging out with her buck, eating some leaves…and wham! She’s frolicking around in the clouds. (Of course this war was going on in my head only, Lawdy knows what would’ve happened if I had spurted out my feelings to my dad and brother!)

But then I remembered what hunting is all about. It’s about survival. I have spent many hours of my life with my nose stuck in Lauraine Snelling books. (Random, I know.) If you’re not familiar, they are about the lives of Norwegian settlers and pioneers in North Dakota. Ingeborg is one of the main characters in the Red River of the North series and she came to my mind while I was standing there feeling sorry. Not only was she a kick-arss sod-buster, but she could hunt with the best of them. She also wore pants. (GASP!)

Her story reminded me where hunting came from, and why we do it! Helloooo, it’s my heritage. It’s a way of life. It brought me back to all the good times my family has had hunting…and how delicious our kills tasted!

Hunting down at Bear Den
Bear Den hunting camp...one of my favorite hunting memories

Basically, I can still wear my deer undies and not feel bad. I can enjoy watching deer bound about, and also sizzling in the frying pan. Win-win situation. So thank you Mrs. Snelling, for writing wonderful stories and reminding me of my heritage…and helping me to eat deer sticks with ease.

3 of the 6 Red River of the North books...That's Inge on the front cover : )

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